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Refund Policy

1, Members can ask the company for a refund. Refunds are made in accordance with the policies and methods guided by the company.

2, The company will proceed with the refund in the following ways:

A. Regular payment members: Refunds are made on a daily basis, excluding the number of days used. The monthly standard is 30 and the monthly fee is divided by 30. 24 hours of payment, users will receive a full refund and will receive a refund on a daily basis for the remaining number of days from 24 hours to 15 days from the payment time. Users cannot get a refund within 30 days after the 16th. Daily calculations exclude 20% of the payment amount, including card fees and penalties, and will be refunded as daily calculations for the remaining days. Calculation formula: (total payment amount *0.8/30) *Number of days remaining

B. Annual payment member: The annual standard is 12 months, and the remaining fee is divided by 12 for the total annual payment fee and the remaining amount is refunded excluding the month used even for one day.

3, The refund amount standard in this section is calculated as the regular payment amount even if you are an annual payment member. Therefore, depending on the time of refund, the refund amount may not exist.

4, In the case of frozen/cold products, it is difficult to ship/exchange/return/refund because the product will be damaged or deteriorated if the product returns due to the nature of the product.

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