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Nakheel Alya evokes authenticity and history that dates back 1400 years. We are named after the Al-Alya neighbourhood in South Madinah where palm tree farms provide the city with natural oases. We carry some of the most delectable and sought-after date varieties from Saudi Arabia.

Our products include loose dates, assorted dates, dates paste, dates syrup, dates truffles, dates powder and chopped dates. We ensure all our products are natural and reasonably priced. We aim to provide regional and international markets with high quality dates and date products, ensuring our customers receive fresh and delicious products all year round.

Safawi Dates Box 250g
Khalas Vacum Bag 1KG
Dates with Almond Pouch 250gm
Snack Pack Walnut 450gm
Assorted Chocolate Dates 200gm
Sukkary Rutab 1 KG
Sufri Box 500G
Ajwa Luxury Box 600gm
Mabroom Pouch 250gm
Khudri Pitted Pouch 250G
Khudri Pouch 500G

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